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Castello Marchesale Di Auletta
Via Castello – Auletta (Salerno) - t / +39 392 6474300


Pertosa-Auletta’s Caverns

The Pertosa-Auletta’s caverns, 40 minutes driving from Salerno, are the only speleologic site in Europe where it is possible to navigate an underground river going through the deep inside of the mountain. The caverns go until 3.000 meters through a path full of stalactites and stalagmites with different shapes and colours creating a unique and suggestive atmosphere.


Padula’s Monastery

This is the first Monastery in Campania region with about 51.500 square feet of surface characterized by Baroque style. It represents one of the most important Monastery in Italy and Europe.


Cilento & Vallo di Diano

Close to the Castle, it is possible to reach the Coast of Cilento, UNESCO assets, characterized by enchanting places surrounded by the blu Tirreno sea.

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