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The Auletta’s Marquis Castle, owned by the Maioli Castriota Scanderbech family, has medieval origins being part of the defense fortress of the Salerno’s Dukedom. Through the years, the Castle’s architectural structure has been modified several time and it got the current configuration after the Calabria’s Duke inspection together with Antonio Marchesi, expert in fortifications.

During 1535 the Castle, thanks to its fortified walls and to its strategic location, made an extraordinary opposition against Spanish troupes attacks of Emperor Charles V. In the following centuries the Castle was first of the Gesualdo’s family, then the Marquis Vitilio De Gennaro and finally of the Castriota Scanderbech (descendant of Giorgio Castriota Scanderbech, Albanian national hero of the XV century).

During the first half of 1900, the Castle hosted various time the last King of Italy, Umberto II di Savoia, and his wife Maria Josè. All of these facts are fully embedded in the Castle rooms which make it a unique place full of history and charm.

Giorgio Castriota Scanderbech

Valiant Leader and Warlord of the XV century, National hero and Prince of Albania

King visiting

The King of Italy, Umberto II, hunting in the Auletta's Castle land

Queen visiting

The Queen of Italy Maria Josè walking in the Castle's court together with the Auletta's Marquis 

Queen visiting

The Queen of Italy, Maria Josè, welcomed at the Castle by the Auletta's Marquis

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